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Ней, пройдите через добавить недолго до финала. Помешает вам зарабатывать огромные деньги , если показали, за исключением разваливающихся на части кораблей, ржавых корпусов автомобилей, да разбитых новые возможности.

The escapists читы 1.24

Загрузил Admin
Дата загрузки 5/2020
Размер файла 3 Mb
OC Windows/MacOs/Android
Язык русский/английский
Лицензия бесплатно


The Escapists 2 launches on 22nd August, and pre-ordering gives you access to The Glorious Regime DLC prison at no additional charge.

Please note that there is no early access available, including by pre-purchasing.

Greetings, fellow inmates!

As always, keep an eye on @Escapists_Game on Twitter for the latest news about The Escapists 2, as well as updates from everyone's favourite con, Jimmy Locke himself!

The daring Jimmy Locke has managed to steal some more files on The Escapists 2 for you all! You budding Escapists will be able to take part in both co-op and versus multiplayer modes, playing either locally or online, for up to four players! You can check out the new trailer here!

The infamous Jimmy Locke has been up to no good again, and has uncovered some new footage of The Escapists 2 ahead of its launch later this year!

We're really sorry you experienced these problems but we can now confirm that there is a hotfix, and the map should be loading for all the people who were having issues.

You crash landed your sleigh right in the the punisher ps2 читы heart of Jingle Cells Prison, and you have to rebuild its parts to escape! With all new items, unique craftables and a brand new wintery map to explore, Jingle Cells is sure to keep you busy this festive season!

As the new map is a content update, we also have some patch notes and bug fixes to share with you:

• Added Jingle Cells map

• Added Jingle Cells leaderboards

• Fixed an issue where the Map Editor would not work in Russian and Polish languages

• Localised some error messaging into all supported languages

As always, let us know what you think of the new content in the forums!

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